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Wireless devices are connected to gateway. Gateway gathers data from end nodes but it can also send commands or make software updates of end devices.

One gateway can connect up to 239 end devices with IQRF network. This depends on local conditions like visibility and quality of signal or obstacles in air. We usually place more gateways to get maximum from local radio network.

Gateway software

Generally Gateway is small computer and Logimic IOT Control uses gateway not just for routing of data, but also like a control computer where many customers modules and routines can run.

Who is working on gateway

Gateway includes Linux OS distribution. On top of that there is IQRF Gateway Daemon providing access and management of entire IQRF mesh network of devices. Open Edge Gateway is main glue and by the way it’s hosting of Customer Control Modules which are specific software routines e.g. ensuring lighting time profiles, control of light by input from movement sensors, AI calculation modules, cameras and more…

Besides connection IOT network, gateway also executes control logic.

You can select what Customer Control Module you need for your application and as far as entire software is opensource, exactly customer modules usually are not. They contain specific proprietary customer know-how.

Open Edge Gateway has integrated Node.js engine for customer codes

Open Edge Gateway provides an integration with driven IoT devices. You can compile your code as a gateway Node.js module and you can use any gateway device via pointers.

Gateway hardware

We choose such gateway hardware to satisfy customer project requirements.

Logimic IOT Control is nod depending on any specific gateway hardware. We usually choose gateway hardware by project demand like number of nodes, traffic and mainly by Customer Control Modules performing different operation on gateway hardware. E.g. AI modules processing camera stream data are very demanding on hardware performance.

UP2 board by Aaeon

UP2 board by Aeeon is high performance gateway offering big CPU, memory and internal data store capacity.

Aurora Hub by Rehivetech

Lightweight Aurora Hub by Rehivetech is for smaller application. The gateway is certified for Industry use.

Raspberry Pi is another small gateway more less for home and rapid prototyping application.

Other gateway features

  • Gateway provides SSH access to cloud.
  • Any Gateway software is updated remotely. Cloud can update many gateways at the same time in parallel.
  • Any end devices firmware can be updated via gateway.

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