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In this post we want to deal with an added value providing by iLersen heating control to its end customers.

Heating under control

Heating under control mean the power of remote management. You can simply see how the system works, you can turn on/off whole building or separate zones and you can change any control program. All this you do simply from you laptop or mobile device.

You can be flexible in planning of your daily shifts e.g. when you expect extra effort earlier morning than usually, you can change control program day before remotely from your laptop.

Heating efficiency

iLersen measures inside and outside temperatures and uses then for heating control. If the inside temperature is below the heating temperature profile then system starts temperature compensation by heating actions.

This brings significant benefits in cost of heating because you do not have to heat all the time but only when it is required.

Cost savings

System stores measured and performance data hourly and you can see it in simple statistics. It shows inside and outside temperature profiles, required (programmed) temperature curve and finally also heating actions.

This helps with planning of your energy consumption and selection of future energy tariffs at your energy provider.

ILersen system is based on wireless connectivity of heaters which simplifies installation and service cost.


iLersen system takes care of any service intervals and detected failures. You simply get email when any non-standard event happens e.g. when one of heaters needs service. You and Lersen service get e-mail with detail description of issue and required action. You are also notified when service interval expires.

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