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In this post we will show you how to create IOT core in AWS (Amazon Web Services) for your end devices. Login to AWS console.

Create Thing

Click Services menu and enter ‘IoT’ to search menu and select IoT Core.

Click Get started on AWS IoT welcome screen.

Then in AWS IoT section click Manage/Things and press Register a thing.

On next screen click Create a single thing and specify Name and then press Next.

In next step you create certificate for your device. Click Create certificate.

If there id a warning RED message that AWS is creating endpoind, just please wait a minute or two and try again.

If everything goes well you should see a screen with download of three certificate files.

Download certificate and private key and click Activate, then press Done.

Create Policy

In IoT Core left panel click Secure/Policies and click Create policy button.

Fill Name of policy, then Action is ‘iot:*’ and Recource ARN is ‘*’. Check Allow option and click Create.

Now go to Secure/Certificates and select active certificate there.

In certificate card select Policies and then Actions/Attach policy.

Then select your recently created policy and click Attach.

Now you can test your connectivity. Select Test in left menu and Subscribe to a topic which should be responded from your device and Publish to a topic which your device should listen to.

Post Author: michalv