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Our technology controls street lighting in Osek city now!

Our ACADATM technology was recently implemented to control street lighting in the city of Osek, Czech Republic, Logimic’s 9th implementation for our partner Qelpro.

Quelpro installed 300 street lights across 12 streets in downtown Osek to autonomously and remotely control their street lights, providing reduced energy consumption, proactive maintenance at a reduced cost, and enhanced citizen safety.

Logimic’s scalable IoT platform, branded in the US as ACADATM, provides easy-to-use, convenient, and affordable control of not only LED street lights, but also 12 more everyday devices which provide similar cost, safety, and improved service benefits. ACADATM integrates Devices, Network and Application software with Citizen Requests, Service Requests, and Asset Management, enabling end-to-end workflow management for everyday public works operations.

Additional solutions available today on ACADATM include rodent monitoring, parking occupancy, air quality, fleet vehicle tracking, waste and water level monitoring, water meter and shut off, leak detection, temperature monitoring, smoke and fire monitoring, and door and window security.

Logimic has also implemented ACADATM technology for industrial and commercial property customers, providing the same efficiency, safety, and improved service benefits as Osek is realizing today. See more at

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