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Our ACADA system now monitors healthcare refrigerators and cold storage!

This is an exciting point in our product roadmap as this is our first application in the healthcare space. The storage of drugs, vaccines, and sanitary material must comply with manufacturer storage requirements. Any improper storage leads to waste as the medicine must be destroyed.

For medical staff-paramedics, office managers, doctors and nurses- we have enabled these benefits with our automated solution:

  1. Be informed about a problem. Forgetting to close the refrigerator door or failure of a temperature-controlled storage unit can happen. Once the temperature starts increasing, action needs to be taken promptly or the medicine needs to be disposed of creating waste and expense.
  2. Record of storage history. The cold-chain storage history is required by auditors and authorities. Our system makes this effortless and removes chances for non-conformity.
  3. Reduce manual work. The current standard for ensuring timely action and storage is to have a nurse check refrigerators and storage rooms and write down measured temperature. This takes a time and effort which is not efficient.

Our customer Dr. Katerina Kolarova, Medical Doctor in Brno installed ACADA monitoring in two refrigerators and one medicine cabinet. The installation of the system is extremely simple. Put one sensor on the refrigerator shelf and one in the cabinet, then power up the communication internet gateway. We use two types of wireless sensors: IQRF IQAROS and LoRa WAN sensors. More on our product page.

The web portal iTemp is available on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone). The dashboard shows the temperature and status with colored indicators if any of temperature or humidity limit is exceeded. Green color means that all is ok. Red color means that a parameter is exceeded and an alert is sent via email or text.

Measurement intervals are adjustable from every 2 minutes to 1 hour which is easily changed in the iTemp app.  

Data is automatically stored in the cloud, and reports can be easily accessed from any past time-date period you need. We store full temperature history since the day of installation.

In the picture you can see a typical refrigerator cooling cycle which keeps the temperature between 2 and 5 °C. This history can be displayed for the day, week, month or even a year. You can also select a date interval. The history can be exported to CSV format so you can open perform your own analysis. So, if you need the report for your audit you can export the entire period of interest into one file. This saves time and money every day and during critical audit times.

All our sensors are calibrated by a certified calibration laboratory. We re-calibrate every three years and replace the batteries so there is no additional burden on the office staff. Please visit our product page or contact us for the demo.

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