Get Maximum from your Lighting

Energy Savings

Setup automatic intensity control during night operation or adjust light intensity to your local conditions. This reduces energy consumption and extends service life.

Automatic Supervision

No regular inspections. System automatically check the performance and status of each lighting spot and notifies maintenance worker about any fails.

Works with any lamp

You are not tied to any specific lamp or system. Our system can be used with any LED DALi drivered lamp. Feel free to select hardware provider.

Service Life

We can significantly extend the Service Life of each particular lamp. With smart alternating of on and off lamps or simple turning off lights when you do not need them.

Simple and intuitive

The system offers simple and intuitive work for anybody form installerto the end user. Within coupl of clicks you can connect or disconenct lamp or change program.


System can be integrated with other sensors, devices and applications which significantly reduces an initial and maintenance cost of each particular application.

How it works

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