Open Source software platform for gateways providing high level abstraction of devices, edge control and edge connectivity. The target audience of this platforms is software developers working on edge solutions.

Open Edge Gateway is general gateway software

Multi-network abstraction

Enables connection of devices from different networks and generation of their simple and unified high level abstraction. Open Edge Gateway supports IQRF “interoperable” devices. See available devices on IQRF marketplace.

Edge Control Capability

Performs control tasks over connected devices via real-time execution of control script. Gateway becomes a control center of connected devices.

Application modules

You can build your own software modules and let them interact with connected devices. You can build your own control system, monitoring or logging system. You know-how is safely built in and interacting within Open Edge Gateway.

AI Features

Support of camera processing hardware AI CORE Movidius Myriad 2 with USB camera on UP Squarded board. Gateway can perform image recognition, video recording and more…

Edge/Remote Connectivity

Dashboards display Open Edge Gateway data via JSON API on Websockets local or Internet connection. You can choose local or remote access to gateway.


Dashboards display your data from different views in real-time. We prepared some dashboards for immediate use or you can use your own dashboards for connection with Open Edge Gateway.

Our dashboards are based on html5 technology providing static and dynamic graphics. Dashboards can be displayed in web browser or can run as standalone PC or mobile app. You can fully interact with gateway.

Open Edge Gateway provides JSON API through Websockets channel. Any local or remote dashboards can access the data and display it.