SensConnect is a software application licensed by Review Display Systems, Ltd. and coming up from collaboration of Review Display Systems Ltd. and Logimic, s.r.o.

The software has been designed for quick and smart commissioning of large amount of wireless devices based on IQRF wireless technology via mobile tablet device. First application where we demonstrated this capability is emergency lighting.

Emergency lights are deployed on building floors in large buildings. you do not have to keep records of each light – its location, type, and more data. You can just deploy all lights and do localization and service tasks afterward.

In application you can create new project with site and floor objects representing real building structure. For each floor you can upload floor plan.

Directly in application you can create gateways object and with typing their IP addresses you create a connection with a real gateway. System displays connected devices at gateway.

If you just unwrapped a new gateway you can automatically connect devices in its vicinity. We call it autonetwork and it’s easier than connect Wifi device to your home router!

With this function you build new IOT network by one click.

Now the most important function of the SensConnect application which is Localisation of connected devices (nodes). even if you ave connected gateway with all its devices you do not know where the device is located. just imagine a thousands of devices on twenty floors. Where to start?

Simply click Scan and application via USB or internal piece of IQRF hardware starts scanning of your vicinity and displays all devices which the direct peer-to-peer communication has been establish with.

Now click on each device (blue spot) and see which one it is in real and then drag & drop this spot across map to it’s real position on floor map. And that’s it. The map with devices coordinates is transferred to cloud and since that all IoT systems know exact position of your devices.

RDS delivers this system with special tablet hardware for heavy environments already equipped with IQRF scan hardware. If you are interested in this or similar commissioning applications, please contact us.