Detectors Monitoring

We ensure wireless connectivity of smoke detector and their pernament monitoring. Wireless detectors are battery powered and does not require any infrastructure modifications. Each sensor provides data about smoke, high temperature and battery status. When any value exceeds limit the system sends automatical notification.
Warning – the syste does not replace fire alarms!

Battery state

Wireless smoke detectors are pernamently connected to the cloud. They automatically provide data including battery state. On the dashboard you can see sensors that need battery replacement and you can also get automatic notification. This significantly reduce manual work when the contract worker periodically checks battery statuses.

Senzory komunikují 1x za den a případně okamžitě pokud je detekován kouř nebo zvýšená teplota. Výdrž baterie se v tomto režimu odhaduje na 3-5 let dle provozních podmínek např. teploty.

Supported devices

We support any device based on the LoRa WAN wireless technology.
We reccomend GlobalSat LS-134 smoke and high temperature detector as we long test this model in our infrastructure.

If you request to connect other sensor types please let us know.



LS-134E GlobalSat Detector

– Smoke
– High temperature
– Battery powered
– Indoor instalaltion
– Size 320mmx x 53mm
– Datasheet



Larid Sentrius.
* One time price
** Anual fee


Battery exchange

Battery exchange service for 1 pc.

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