Monitor you trash cans

Remote monitoring of trash bins and trash cans is dedicated to large and small municipalities that are planning the waste pickup by an actual state of the waste or they are facing to the unexpected local overloading of trash cans e.g. containers at traffic exposed places like stations, shopping parks etc.

The remote monitoring also prevents your trash can from unauthorized manipulation or fire of the content.

How it works

Our system supports most versions of trash cans and trash containers. We install small senzor above measured waste mostly to the cover of the trash bin. The sensor detect the distance and can calculate the percentage of the filling.

Senzor measures by the laser technology with an accuracy 10 mm and sends this data to the cloud where we analyze and process the data.

Senzor also measures temperature, humidity, acceleration and provides its GPS position.

Fire detection

ITemperature sensor built in the senzor can detect any temperature increasement and prevent the trash bin from the fire hazard.

Within 10 minutes we inform the operator that fire hazard becomes real. This help to protect your property, health and environment.

Unexpected manipulation

GPS detector provides precise position of each senzor and trash bin.

You can see position of each trash bin on the map dashboard and effectively route your maintenance routes.

Acceleration senzors detects any movement of the trash which detects any unauthorized movement or manipulation with this property.

Web portal and mobile application

Everything can be overlooked in the web or mobile application. Simpel KPI indicators display immediate alerts you should be inform of.

KPI indicators are customizabel so you can monitor the battery level, percentage of the fullnes, unauthorized movement or manipulation, fire hazard and more.

All these alerts you can get via e-mail or text messages..

Trash can organization

Simple organize your property to groups, locations, setup names, description or whatever data you need.

Setup KPI parameters and their tresholds e.g. battery level at when you want to get notification or the percentage of fulness when your service workers need start their work.

Tool for automatic planning of routes helps to organize waste pickup routes.

Data a Statistics

Data is recoreded periodically to the database. You can display the data history (statistics) of any parameter as percentage of filness, battery level, movements, temperature or humidity.

Based on this data you can detect emptying periods and detect gaps or needs for the emptying adjustments or you can detect the waste flow through the trash can and detect inappropriate installations and more.



Euclid KST33 Series

Senzor vzdálenosti
– battery C 2pcs
– Distance (0-4m)
– Accelerometer (±2g up to ±16g)
– Temperature (-20 to 50°C)
– Humidity (0-100% RH)
– Pressure (300 – 1100 hPa)



Larid Sentrius for small instalaltion.
* Gateway price
** Anual fee

1 250*


Tektelic KONA MACRO for large instalaltions
* Gateway price
** Annual fee

You wan to buy