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Industrial Heating Platform

Wireless control of industrial heaters.

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Street Lighting Platform

Street lighting control system as a service for cities, villages and industrial complexes.

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Environment monitoring solution

Indoor monitoring of temperature and humidity with small battery operated wireless sensors.

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Smart City Dashboards

Dashboarding technology for municipalities, million of sensors on your dashboard.

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Logimic mission

Logimic provides IoT applications for industry. We focus on wireless control of industrial devices and wireless data flow. We help our industrial partners to equip their products with hardware, software and cloud infrastructure to meet their IIOT and Industry 4.0 requirements. We provide software services for our industrial partners.

We make IoT world..

Our Services

IQRF Wireless

We ensure local wireless connectivity of devices and sensors via IQRF mesh network.

IoT Web Services

Our edge and cloud software is ready for connection of any customer sensors and devices.

Cloud Solutions

We design customer cloud solutions on the top of big cloud providers as Google, Amazon and more.

Web applications

We provide web and mobile applications for remote monitoring of your devices.

Software Services

We provide software solution by specifications of our customers covering software for end devices, edge gateways, cloud and front end.


We provide consultancy and education in IoT industrial and smart cities segments.


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