Scalable Platform for your Products

Full stack cloud platform that equips your producst with cloud and web based system. It helps with getting data, processing data, displaying and providing data via cloud API. You can control, manage and maintain your devices remotely, you can let your customers work with your devices via web browser or mobile application. You can store and analyse data of your products.

✓ Fully configurable system
✓ Modular architecture with horizontal and vertical scalability
✓ Support of REST-API, Http, Mqtt, Modbus, M-bus, DALI, 1-Wire, LoRa, IQRF, Zigbee, Wifi..
✓ API interface for sharing, getting and providing data
✓ Simple integration with 3rd parties
✓ On-premise solution for local installations
✓ Hardware agnostic with low demand on hardware – runs on Raspberry

Our ACADA Platform is the added value to your products extending their business potential.

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Our unique technology connects your devices to the platform with minimal development effort. You define what parameters, commands, data you want to provide or control and how. You design your brand new application accesible via web browser or mobile app with no software development skills.

✓ Street lighting
✓ Sanitary technics
✓ Industrial heaters
✓ IQRF gateways
✓ ..and many more

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Our platform integrates many end devices, sensors and assetts and is entegrable to and with any 3rd party applications via API. Create your brand new applicaton manage devices, get data, and get benefits from the platfom features as device KPIs, data history, commands, programs, notifications and reports.

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We connect many devices with minimal effort and ensure all low-level tasks like storage data, history, processing KPIs, sending notifications, reports and mores. With M2M API you can utilize all these features in your platform!

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Web portal and mobile app

ACADA platform provides web portal and mobile app to work with devices, data, statistics, customer accounts, programs, KPI evaluation, device commands and many more. The application is customizable to provide look and user interface required by the customer or application.
We provide full customer branding.

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On Premise version

ACADA platform supports cloud on premise deployments where the full ACADA stack runs on the local hardware. The on-premise solution is optimized to 4 – 8 GB memory equiped computers like UP square board, Raspberry and others. The on-premise version provides the same features as the cloud version including local availability of the web applications including walls kiosk screens for indoor use.

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ACADA Platform Applications

Street lighting

Wireless and autonomous control of street lighting helps with energy savings and reduce manual maintenace tasks..

Air Quality monitoring

Street meteo stations helps to permanently monitor the air quality at industry, mining or traffic exposed places..

Waste management

Remote monitoring of trah bins helps to determine their overfilling, right placement and any attempts of stealing..

Rodent control

Remote monitoring of rodent traps helps with detection of kills in time and also brings an overview of right placemnet of traps..

Energy meters

Automatic remote reading of gas, power and water meters significantly reduces manual work and helps with control of consumption..

Temperature monitoring

3D temperature monitoring of buildings, offices, stores, or refrigerators helps to detect any temperature discrepancies..

Swimming pools monitoring

Monitoring of temperature and humidity of the water as well as the air in any room helps to keep constant conditions for visitoprs..

Smoke detectors

Permanent and automatic monitoring of the smoke detectors bateries and circuits failures helps to keep device always ready..

Water tanks

Simple and affordable monitoring of the water level in retention tanks with notification of empty or full tank and full measurement history..

Doors and windows security

Counting of doorr and window opening with identification of forgotten opening helps to reveal any unauthorized entrance..


Monitoring of the parking spots in outdoor or indoor parking lots helps to reveal any long term or unapproved occupancies..

City in the pocket

Mobile application helping citizens with reporting of any issues in the city. Automatic issues management for municipality managers..

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