Water level measurement

Simple system for the measurement of the water level in retention tanks. The system is based on wireless and battery powered ultrasound sensor measuring the distance between sensor and the water level. The system provides both pieces of information the water level height and the percentage of water mass in the tank.
The sensor set is composed from the consolw with the sensor and internet LoRa WAN gateway which can serve to more our applications. The system requires no maintenance, just the batery replacement once per 3-5 years.


The console with the sensor is installable above water level not closet than 20cm to water level at its highest level. The ideal place is the cover or neck of the retention tank. Sensor measures up to 4 meters, if you need to measure larger distances please contact us to discuss another sensor. If the sensor antena is more than 0.5m under surface or the retention tank cover material is metal, please remove antena and mount extention cable to keep the antena above surface.

Supported devices

We suport any LoRa WAN based sensors. As the default model we provide Dragino LDDS75 sensor which has been proved in our long term test.

Web portal

We equip you wit the web portal where you can monitor the water level and the water volume in your retention tank, setup notifications, alerts, see and download reports and statistics. The web portal is accessible via web browser from any device.
Web portal enables you to integrate many applications where you can include more different sensors like temperature and door sensors, smoke detectors and more. See our integration page.

Water consumption

Application shows the actual level of the water, volume percentage and also an average level for last 24hours, week, month or year. In the simple chart you can select the time period and display a curve of the water level, volume and battery or signal level.
You can export data to the XLS file and analyse your irrigation consumption, sanitary technics or wash mashine consumption. You can also detect any water leaks or unwanted water wasting.

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