Air Quality Monitoring

Growth in industrialization and traffic has resulted in the increase of air pollution, causing deterioration in air quality. The greatest factor affecting the changes in air quality are changes in day-to-day weather, as weather determines how quickly
pollutants are dispersed away from an area.
We provide a simple and reliable solution of Air Quality Monitoring for municiplaities. Highly precise sensors data are safely and reliably transfered to cloud and to customer dashboards or mobile application.

We monitor your air


NO2, CO, O3, NO, particulate measurement of PM10, PM25, PM1 and Temperature, humidity and Air pressure measurement.

Data Analytics

We monitor your data every minute store it and prepare statistics, reports and notifications.


We provide cloud portal for detail setup of your account as well as public dashboard visible for anybody.


Be notified when any measured level is out of its limits. We send you SMS, e-mail or simply store data event to our cloud storage.

High Precision

Professional high precision sensors Vaisala provide reliable measurement and long term service life.


Sensors as well as communication gateway are periodically maintained by our proffesional staff.

Real-time high precise sensors

A real-time, 360-degree view of air quality helps communities take action to protect public health, avoid pollution hot spots, optimize infrastructures, and plan more confidently and strategically.

Vaisala Air Quality Transmitter AQT530 is the ideal monitoring and measurement sensor. It is providing best-in-class accuracy, simple deployment, easy integrations, and reliability over a long service life.

Customer data

Our sensors connected to internet transmit measured data periodically 24/7. Our cloud routines monitor values, provides dashboard for websites or mobile applications and inform users about any exceeding of limist.

Citizens can freely observe their local data with out public dashboard.

Municipality can provide data to anu 3rd party systems via our secured API.

Measured values

AQT530 Vaisala sensor provides a high accuracy 1 minute frequency measurement of these values:

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
Carbon monoxide (CO)
Ozone (O3)
Nitrogen oxide (NO)
Particulate measurement PM10, PM25, PM1
Air temperature
Air pressure

Service and Retrofits

We ensure full installation ans maintenance services for new units as well as obsolete AQT400 Vaisala units.
With our partners we ensure the professional installation and wiring of your unit on the mounting spot or pole. We pernamently monitor the operation of your seznor and take immediate action when any performance discrepancy occurs.

We support obsolete sensors and ensure their retrofits.


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Cloud portal
Public dashboard
1-year data history
Data connectivity

Does not include hardware and service costs

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Cloud portal
Public dashboard
Unlimited history
Data connectivity
Public statistics
Does not include hardware and service costs

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