When storing medicines, vaccines and other medical equipment, it is very important to observe the correct storage conditions prescribed by the manufacturer. Continuously monitoring and recording the temperature and humidity in each refrigerator or warehouse is a significant burden for the medical staff, which is why we decided to fully automate this work.

Automatic monitoring of medicaments and vaccines

Temperature Watch

We pernamently measure and monitor the temperature and humidity inside your refrogerator, freezer or store.

Problem Detection

We recognize open door of your refrigerator or freezer, or any other temperature issue and immediately notify.

Automatic Work

You do not have to periodically write down your temperature measurement, everything is ready in the web application.

Compact Size

Simly insert small compact sized gaues with no wiring into your refrigerator, freeze or any other measured space.

Calibrated Gauges

Gauges are professionaly calibrated to comply with any authorities notices or local laws regarding medical storage.

Battery Durability

Battery works for some years with no recharging. After this period we provide new one.

Simple solution

To prevent you from any vacciness or medical drugs damages we developed a simple, reliable and effective solution for anybody. You do not need to replace your current refrigerators or boxes, make any additional wiring or buy sophisticated system.
Simply put one wireless sensor to your refrigerator or medical box and that’s all! Login to the web portal and see current or hostorical measurement, setup limits and download reports.


Monitoring application is available in your browser or as a mobile application in your cell phone. Here you can see all your senzors, their values and all warnings.

Senzor data are immediately analyzed and particular parameters are compared with their limits set by the user.

If temperature or humidity exceed their limits the system automatically sends a notification via SMS or e-mail to the user.

Organizing of senzors

You can name particular senzors, record their location or installation situation and assign them to arbitrary groups.

Senzors can be pinned to the GPS map or to indoor floorplan map which is downloadable from the computer.

This ensures easy identification and finding of senzors in the terrain.


Measured data is stored 4 years. You can select any time period and display temperature or humidity data.

Simple graph enables easy orientation and displaying any parameter curve.

You can export parameters to PDF or XLS files.


The system automaticall generates reports from a past time period e.g. a day, week, month for any audits or authorities controls.

Reports are automaticaly uploaded into the cloud store and you can download any of then in PDF or XLS format.

Analytical capabilities

For large warehouses we ensure the proper monitring of 3D structure of temeperature and humidity accross entire space.

Couple of sensors installed at proper spots provide enough data for 2D and 3D heat map construction.

The map can be explored in time and it provides a detail picture of many internal and external effects.

Very low temperatures

For storages of vaccines requiring very low temperatures we come up with special sensors able working in less than -100°C temperature environment.

These sensors are designed with external probe on the cable. The probe is included to the storage space and the sensor box remains outside.


We monitor the temperatures of transport boxes using thermometers with external sensors or by inserting the thermometer inside the transport box.

It does not require any additional installation, only the presence of a gateway connecting the thermometers to the Internet. The gateway can be installed anywhere in the vehicle, even temporarily using USB power or a car socket.

Large deployments

For hospitals, warehouses and pharmacies, we carry out large-scale installations where we choose different types of sensors according to installation requirements – for refrigerators, liquid temperature sensing, contact thermometers and others.

Everything is integrated in a single application with different access rights where different administrators have an overview of their devices, or all devices, or you can choose different previews of selected devices according to your own criteria.

What else we can do for you

On our Scalable Logimic IoT Platform branded as ACADA TM in US we can integrate any existing sensors, devices or any ours or 3rd party applications or systems.
We can include measurement of power meters, water meters, gas meters, parking sensors, water level measurements and more. Wecan integrate our Logimic Light system controlling street lighting, Water tanks monitoring, Waste management and more.
Everything you can see in one web portal and mobile application where you can manege your devices as well as your users and their access rights. We also provide API interface for any frontend application and also for M2M (Machine to Machine) API integration.

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