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In the browser application, you can see important indicators of your premises at a glance, i.e. whether the temperature and humidity are within the limits, or whether a sensor needs to replace the battery. You can have one or more sensors in each measured space, whether it is a room, refrigerator or greenhouse, and we always inform you about the condition of the entire room.

Detail Info

See details of all sensors in a clear table and look at their measured parameters, sort them, filter them. Each sensor also has a detailed card where you can see its name, which can be modified, as well as detailed information about the product. Here you will also find the time when the sensor last communicated its data.


Organize the sensors into groups so that you know where they belong and where exactly they are located. You simply create a group symbolizing a room and attach its plan. You then assign sensors to the room, which you also physically place there. For outdoor installations, a map is available on which the sensor is located using GPS coordinates. If you have several sensors in the room, you can beautifully identify them by name or number and then find them safely.

Full history

We carefully record every single measurement for you and maintain it for as long as you dream. You can thus view any temperature, humidity or battery history. With a simple selection, you choose a day, week, month or year, or the exact date from-to. In the graph, it is possible to move and modify the time area in various ways.


Any exceeding of temperature or humidity limits is carefully monitored and is always highlighted in color on the initial dashboard. However, it is also possible to have a notification about this event sent to your e-mail. In this case, the system will generate an e-mail that is sent to the e-mail address of your choice shortly after the occurrence of the event, which contains a list of sensors that have detected limit violations.


Add more users, assign them roles and let them view the system or manage your device. using a computer, tablet or mobile phone, your authorized person can monitor and manage the system from anywhere.


Integrujte další senzory a celé aplikace. Systém umožňuje podporu různých typů senzorů jež dokáže nejen zobrazovat ale i ovládat. Informujte se pro připojení vašich senzorů nebo celých aplikací. Již jsme připojili veřejné osvětlení, městské meteostanice, ledničky pro skladování léků, průmyslová topidla, vzdálené odečty energií, bazény a aquaparky a další…
Systém poskytuje také AP rozhraní pomocí kterého vaše data utomaticky poskytnete jakémukoliv dalšímu systému či zařízení.

IQAROS hardware support

The IQAROS set contains 5, 10 or more sensors for measuring temperature and humidity. The sensors are wireless and battery powered. If you place them in your premises, you will get perfect 3D monitoring of temperature and humidity, which is ideal for monitoring the storage of food, medicine or archives.

More about the IQAROS kit..

iTemp supports IQAROS kit automatically, just register below and provide your kit number (16 digit number) and we will show your sensors in your account within the next day.

We support LoRa sensors

We support RisingHF LoRa WAN temperature sensors. Their advantage is a long duration thanks to a type C battery and a considerable range. The sensor is robust and suitable for outdoor installations.

More about RisingHF sensors..

iTemp supports any other LoRA WAN temperature sensors. Please indicate the sensor type when registering and we will contact you for more information to connect your sensors.

Bluetooth sensors – comming!

Teltonika wireless sensors based on Bluetooth technology integrate temperature sensors with GPS position sensors. Due to their compact dimensions, they are suitable for mobile devices.

✓ Temperature and humidity sensor
✓ GPS sensor
✓ Accelerator for motion detection
✓ Compact dimensions
✓ Bluetooth technology

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