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iTemp is the cloud solution for monitoring of indoor and outdoor environment. It works with many sensors types like IQAROS set, LoRA devices and more. Connect your devices with no programming knowledge and monitor one or thousands sensors.
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Quick Overview

In the iTemp application you immediately see all important indicators of all your measured spaces. You immediately see if any temperature or humidity exceeds the limit and where. Each measured space, room, basement, refrigerator can contain one or more sensors and provide full 3D measurement.

Detail Overview

You can display detail data of all your sensors as a simple table including their measured values and the timestamp of the last measurement. Each sensor can show a detail card where you can see all parameteres including their historical values.

Organize sensors

Organize your sensors to groups which can be locations, types, sets and more. One group can keep one or more sensors and over each groups can be defined and evaluated KPIs e.g. KPi indicating a low level of battery, overcoming temperature level and more. KPI are indicated by colors and you can see them all on the dashboard.

See history

Every single measurement is carefuly stored and kept for years. You can simple select any sensor, its parameter and requested time period in the history. Simple chart shows the measured values as a cuve. You can zoom and move in the time period. You can export data to the CSV table for any selected historical time period.

Automatic Reports

You can let the system generate values to the report. Reports are fully automatically generated to the pdf or CSV data formats and are stored in the web portal. You do not have to periodicaly download them, just simply pickup the report you need and download it.

Get notifications

Any change of ony group KPI can be notified by e-mail and or SMS. You can be immediately notified when a temperature or humidity limit is exceeded or when battery level is low at one or more sensors.


Integrate with other sensors and devices.
We alredy connected street lighting at municipalities, city meteostations, surgeries refrigerators, industrial heaters, remote energy monitoring, swimming pools and more…

More users

Add more users to the system, assign them roles and let them view or manage your devices. From the laptop, tablet or mobile device they can access the system and do their work.

IQAROS hardware support

IQAROS set includes 5, 10 or more temperature and humidity sensors. Each sensor is wireless and battery powered. The main purpose is the wireless 3D monitoring of temperature and relative humidity. Highly suitable for indoor usage in storehouses, factories, archives, laboratories etc..
More about the hardware..

iTemp supports IQAROS automatically, please register in the form and send us the identifier (16digits number) of your IQAROS gateway within the form.

Other sensors support

We support LoRa WAN temperature and humidity sensors RisingHF. These sensors are compact, C battery powered and shows great durability.

More about Rising HF.

iTemp supports any other temperature and humidity sensors based on LoRa WAN technology. During your registration please mention an exact type of your sensors so we can ensure their automatical assignment to your account..


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