We monitor your spots

We monitor your parking spots in underground, ground or city parking spots. We use magnetic sensors installed at each parking spot combined with ultra-sound sensors at the magnetic problematic spots.


We use both ground and undeground sensor. The ground sensor is mounted on the ground and is vidible. Can be easily reached but cause non-coherent surface. Underground sensors are palced into construction holed under surface and are invisible.

Sensors are wireless and battery powered and can be operated 5-7 years with one replaceable battery.

Sensors are wirelesly connected with the cloud and comunicate their data as the ocuppancy or battery to the cloud in periodical manner.

Supported devices

Systém umožňuje pracovat s jakýmikoliv parkovacím senzory které jsou založené na bezdrátové technologii LoRa WAN.

As a default model we recommend PNI Placepod which is long-time tesded in our infrastructure.

Web application

Web application provides an overview of all your parking spots including their statuses. You can filter your spots by more criterious e.g. free, occupied, long term occupied, weak battery and more. These KPI are displayed on dashboard and can trigger e-mail or SMS notifications. Each sensor can provide full history so you can see which spots are more an which less occupied.



LDS02 Door Sensor

– LoRa WAN magnetic sensor
– 2x AAA battery
– Outdoor mounting
– Size 22,86 diameter, 3,15 cm heigh
– Operation temperature: -30°C až 70°C



Larid Sentrius.
* One time price
** Anualy recurring fee