It is about the Feeling

Part of your swimming enjoyment is the emotional perceiving of temperature in the swimming pool and temperature and humidity of the outside air around the pool and in all other rooms like shower room, cloack rooms, restrooms and more.

It is very important to monitor temperature and humidity in all these spaces in a periodical manner. And that is exactly what our product has been made for. We automate this work plus analyze data and notify if any discrepancies occur.

No infrastructure impact

Temperature and humidity monitoring in all your rooms and swimming pools is done with no impact on your infrastructure. All senzors are wireless and battery powered.

We use several senzor kinds based on the installation requirements. For water measurement we use the device with the wire senzor, for room air and humidity then the device with integrated senzor.

Simply install your senzors anywhere you need and that is.

Evaluation & Notification

Monitoring application is available in your browser or as a mobile application in your cell phone. Here you can see all your senzors, their values and all warnings.

Senzor data are immediately analyzed and particular parameters are compared with their limits set by the user.

If temperature or humidity exceed their limits the system automatically sends a notification via SMS or e-mail to the user.

Organize your senzors

You can name particular senzors, record their location or installation situation and assign them to arbitrary groups.

Senzors can be pinned to the GPS map or to indoor floorplan map which is downloadable from the computer.

This ensures easy identification and finding of senzors in the terrain.


Measured data is stored 4 years. You can select any time period and display temperature or humidity data.

Simple graph enables easy orientation and displaying any parameter curve.

You can export parameters to PDF or XLS files.

Public dashboard

We can automatically display your data on the public dashboard which is a feature of our systems so that you do not have to design and update your website.

You can allow 3rd parties to access the data and use it for temperature regulation control, other dashboards and more.

Try Prague Aquapark public dashboard.

What else we can do for you

We support more types of temperature and humidity sensors. The proper choice is made by measurement conditions at the customer.

We can conenct any other sensors like powermeters, watermeters, door sensors and more.

We enable the dysplaying of data on the public dashboard so you can have pernament dashboard in the office or on the website.

We allow to add more users and grant their access rights.

We support the integration with 3rd party systems when your data can be used in other systems.