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We are pelased that we sucessfuly accomplished the probation period of our new product Logimic Air Quality monitoring at our customer Jenisov downtown and started regular operation. This product is anothther customization of our Logimic scalable platform also provided as ACADA TM brand in US. This is our second product for Jenisov downtown customer as we’re already providing street lighting control.

The product helps with the professional measurement and monitoring of air quality. It implements Vaisala meteo sensor providing measurement of Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Carbon monoxide (CO), Ozone (O3), Nitrogen oxide (NO), Particulate measurement PM10, PM25, PM1, and naturally the air temperature, pressure and humidity. The system measures values every 20minutes and the measured data is communicated to the cloud. Data is also displayed on the public dashboard to be pernamently available for local citizens.

Any citizen can see the immediate measured values and enter sensor statistics charts providing data for any historical period. We also show trends and historical agregations. Municipality can enter web portal where they can setup notification when any values are exceeded, automatic report generation, exports statistics and more.

See details about our Air Quality Monitoring system.

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