ACADA™: Your Answer for Easy, Affordable, and Convenient Technology Adoption.

Software: Integrated management of requests, assets, and workflow.

Hardware: Pre-certified Internet of Things “IoT” devices & network infrastructure

3rd Party Integration: Where possible, we integrate with 3rd party hardware and software providers

All Device Types Supported: Desktop, tablet, or mobile versions are standard.

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Monitor, Take Action, Analyze, and Report with ACADA.

End-to-end workflow capabilities on Day 1.

✓ Monitor your requests, assets, IoT devices, and workflow on one integrated dashboard.

✓ Take Action with Service Requests.

✓ Analyze detailed data with our statistics and heatmaps.

✓ Run reports to understand trends.

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Monitor Your Requests, Devices, and Workflow for Piece of Mind

Having all of your data on one Dashboard, and in one secure database, is critical for modern business

✓ Better awareness

✓ Improved accountability

✓ Centralized communication

✓ Easy prioritization

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Take Action to Solve Your Problem

ACADA Service Request module provides centralized workflow managment in one cloud database

✓ Streamline Service Requests with auto-populated fields

✓ Speed up Service Request solutions with our visual dashboard

✓ Empower your contractors or third parties with access to ACADA

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Analyze Detailed Data for Better Decisions

ACADA heatmaps provide insight to key geography-based trends

✓ Easy-to-use GIS based maps and layers

✓ Analyze historical data within ACADA

✓ Integrated data, all in one source, for a more comprehensive analysis

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Reporting helps identify inefficient use of resources or unnecessary delay

✓ View and analyze reports for better awareness

✓ Export to Microsoft Excel if 3rd parties need the data

✓ Monitor performance and provide data for better employee coaching

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