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Together with Qelpro company, manufacturer of LED street lamps, we delivered and installed our system in Jirkov city in west Bohemia district, Czech Republic.

Qelpro installed 220 lapms with integrated IQRF DALI bridges. Launching of control system has been done directly in city environment.

Launch of system

We installed 3 gateways to power switchboards with respect to optimal building of wireless network. Each of them connects between 50 and 90 lights. Gateways are connected to internet via LTE modems.

First operation is Autonetwork which connects all powered on lights in street. This operation can be launched directly from Logimic Light portal and it does not require any user inputs.

Autonetwork connected almost all lamps except those with hardware wiring error. We successfully installed gateways with no external antennas. Thanks to IQRF mesh technology you do not have to have a direct connectivity of each lamp to gateway.

After Autonetwork operation you can immediately manage lights. They are collocated under gateways so if you are OK with this, you can setup program to gateways.

In our case a requirement of our customer was to assign lamps to streets and mark GPS position of each light pole. Therefore we went on with Localisation.


Localisation means an assignment of virtual devices in the system to their real locations on poles. For smaller installations we use turn on/off method when we manually switch each lamp via gateway. For larger deployments we use DP2P scan method.

This method uses Aaeon tablet with IQRF USB dongle and special software SensConnect. Application scans your vicinity and detects just couple of nearest lamps. You can turn them on/off or send them any command. The USB stick communicates with lights directly so there is no time latency.

Once you localised lamps in your vicinity you can move farther down the street and repeat operation for next bunch of lights. Once you have lamps assigned to their poles and streets you can assign a control program to each location (street).

You can freely modify each program, or manage lamps manually (turn on/off). Everything goes well in terrain when you have your tablet device online with an access to Logimic Light portal.

Below you can see DP2P scan in practise. This approach helps you to detect event unassigned lamps to gateways. Then you can take proper action to get them online, usually to tune antennas or run autonetwork from neighbourhood gateway.

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