Internet Of Things Software Developer

We are extremely happy that we’re opening a position of Internet Of Things software developer for our development office in Brno, the Czech Republic. 

We need your help with cloud, front-end and web applications for our products of remote control of street lighting, industrial heating, environment monitoring, smart city, home control and many other projects. You will meet cloud, front-end and backend software development in Javascript, Typescript, Html, Node.js and others ;). Your code will run on global cloud infrastructure, web browsers and end devices. 

You’re not experienced in these technologies? Do not worry :), our priority is to hire open-minded enthusiasts, somebody with focus on solving problems and customers requirements. Any software engineering experience is welcome!

Who we are

Logimic company founded in 2017 provides IoT applications for industry. We focus on wireless control of industrial devices and wireless data flow from device to cloud and dashboards. We help our industrial partners to equip their products with hardware, software and cloud infrastructure to meet their IIOT and Industry 4.0 requirements. We provide software services to our customers and also build our own IoT products.

We build markets and work for customers in EU, UK and USA regions.

What we do

Logimic Light is our IoT platform for street lighting control. This brings controlled street lighting to big cities as well as small villages or industrial complexes. It control modern LED lamps via wireless radio mesh network. See more at

iTemp is our product for environment monitoring. It helps with supervision of temperature and humidity in industrial processes, buildings, department stores, shops, refrigerators and more. When anything unexpected happens the system alerts customers. See more at

SmartCity data management is our platform for big city data received from zillions of LoRa sensors. We process data to many different customer views as reports, statistics, notifications and dashboards. This platform is a key element in smart city infrastructure.

Customer solutions like a remote control of industrial heaters, remote control and management of sanitary devices, smart gateways software, monitoring software, software for building of radio mesh networks and more..

Skill you have or you’re ready to build

  • Software development, coding..
  • Html, Css, Javascript, Typescript, Python, at least one of them.
  • GitHub, GitLab experience is a plus.
  • Angular, React frameworks are a plus.
  • JSON schemas, MQTT communication,   SQL or other databases are a plus.
  • Development for Node.js environment is a plus.
  • Development of front-end web applications.
  • Development for serverless cloud infrastructure like Amazon Web Services, MS Azure, google and more.


  • Open-minded and creative.
  • Communicative.
  • Solving problems.
  • Still learning.


  • Development of IoT software by customer specifications. This can be cloud modules, front-end user interface, web application and more.
  • Work shares are 85% coding and 15% documentation and testing 😉

Work conditions

  • Work in a team with responsibility for your part of work.
  • Always available somebody willing to help or train you.
  • Work in the office, at home, on the beach, in the woods or wherever else you need..
  • Always work with the latest technologies.
  • Work with customers in the Czech Republic, Great Britain and the USA.  

Contact us

We’re happy if you will contact us with a job application, or just a question. Thank you!

Michal Valny,


Cell: +420 772 728 599